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ph: Pablo Astudillo

Marco Sanguinetti was born and lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Pianist and composer. He has edited 7 albums: «Improvisiones» (2005), «Los procesos de Franz» (2008), «El otro» (2011), «8» (CD 2013 / Vinyl 2014) and the double album «Como desaparecer completamente» (2016) wich revisits the music of Radiohead, «9» (CD 2017 / Vinyl 2018) and «Inmoral» (2019), versions on Gustavo Cerati’s music, produced by Tweety Gonzalez. Sanguinetti has been considered by both local and international press as the creator of «a new jazz genre« (allaboutjazz.com).

He has developed an intense activity as a musician associated with contemporary dance. Since 2008 he is part of the Cia Movil in charge of the music creation, with Ines Armas (choreographer) and Fagner Pavan (actors director). Cia Movil develops projects that integrate music, dance and theater. He has composed music for contemporary dance works: «Los procesos de Franz» (2008), «Objetos» (2010) and «Asociaciones Libres» (2008-2013) as well as musically directing «PIBE A» (2014). All these works have been selected at international festivals. He also composed the original music for the play «Materiales» (2016) directed by french choreographer Pierrik Malebranche for the National Contemporary Dance Company of Argentina.

Sanguinetti was invited to play his original music at the MICA’s New Argentine Music showcase in 2013, Buenos Aires Jazz Festival 2013, Solidarity Jazz Festival 2014, among others. In 2014 he opened The Bad Plus’ concert in Buenos Aires. That year he founded the No-Jazz Collective, with the musicians Nicolas Sorin, Cirilo Fernandez and Esteban Sehinkman. His album “8” was nominated for the 2014 Latin Grammy Awards (Best Packaging). In 2016 Sanguinetti was selected Best Musician, Best Album and Best Pianist of the Year in an annual survey of Argentine jazz journalists. In 2017, in the same poll, he was again voted Best Musician, Best Composer and Best Pianist. Album “9” is now nominated for the 2018 Latin Grammy Awards (Best Packaging).